Monday, July 5, 2010

Verrrry Funnny! A pun towards…………

The morning used to be an alien to me,

It wasn’t the place I was supposed to be,

But knowing the unknown is my passion,

So I gave up nights and took up days to fashion.

My body clock was synchroed to the New York Time,

But I changed it and made it IS Time,

And aghast I was when I saw the morn,

And that too when I wasn’t worn.

The sound of twittering birds filled my soul,

Thus I felt that while denying days I was an a**hole.

I wake up in the morning and raise my weary head,

I wake up and learn when Ned and Ted go to bed.

That feeling makes me think…….

That humans are jerks,

That they push around for perks,

They think they can control nature,

When the stark reality stares down on the face,

That we all live with noting but God’s grace,

That the whole humanity can’t be awakened at the same time,

If done,

Devil’s regime will spring up like smoke from quick lime,

That we are not masters of the game of life,

Whatever may we do, however may we strife,

Thus we should learn to live with nature,

To harness it at max and to strengthen our future,

With that note I pledge today,

That I would live with nature and not fight with it anyway,

Go to sleep when I feel that way,

But if that happens in the morn,

Its God’s wish…….

I shall not sway!