Monday, July 5, 2010

Independent Soul

I wanna tell the world about my land,

I wanna roam around,

And don’t wanna stand,

I wanna shriek aloud when full of joy,

And do the same,

When I run in a decoy.

Don’t try to push me,

Don’t try to stop me,

Don’t even try to pull me back,

Cuz what I do and what I am,

Is none of your business,

You wisecrack!

So step off my way,

And let me go,

Don’t call me back,

Cuz I said so,

Don’t nag around,

I would not yield,

So leave me now,

And find a new field.

I know that you care for me,

I know you want me to walk your way,

But whatever I do,

And however I do,

For you its nothing but dismay,

So let go,

Don’t think for me,

Cuz I know what I am supposed to be,

I know exactly the way to my goal,

So better,

Clear off the way of this independent soul.