Monday, July 5, 2010

Other side of the coin

Feeling the way everyone feels,
About the life that scarcely heals,
The feeling comes that it’s not totally crap,
That happiness is just under the cap.
Under each unturned piece of stone,
In each person of flesh and bone,
With each bird that flies high,
And each instance worth a happy lie.
Under the glittering sky,
Over the glorious land,
While walking hand in hand,
Or while giving the smile that’s sly.
Watching the babies grow,
And the farmer walking with his plough,
Seeing the crop dance,
And going into the undefined trance.
Chasing the butterflies of heaven,
And getting the feeling of being chosen,
Running with the wind like a colt,
And acting in a thundering bolt.
Feeling the sensation of love,
That’s purer than a dove,
Being able to make people smile,
And for love walking that extra mile.
All are the things that are being shunned,
As feelings of the weak,
But for the ones who are not like a humanoid,
They are just the other side of the coin