Monday, July 5, 2010

The beginning, The end

Life has a crazy rhythm, whatever goes, comes back, whatever is shot, is recoiled back, whatever is taken is ultimately given back. And these all occur with a fascinatingly random precision. Never can one escape the assaulting force of life. Never does anyone sane want to do so. But its quite weird that we all tend to go that way, plaintively, stupendously, with a crazy accuracy, to achieve what we don’t seek, mortality. Life and death are like two sides of the same coin, two sides of one grass, none more shiny, none more green. Yet we find our face of coin shinier, and our side of grass greener. But we must understand that like life, death is another aspect of existence, existence in nonexistence, matter in nothingness, light in darkness. And that nonexistence is our ultimate goal; however we may deny that, it asks us not to fear it, but to admire it, not to shun it, but to accept it. After all the rhythmically crazy life leads us to that peaceful, fearful, dignifying, stupefying, bright, turbulent death.

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